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Ferrous &
Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

Premier Metal Buyers is your top choice for ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling.


Our solutions are tailored to support each customer’s unique challenges. Some of the ferrous items that we accept are: car engines, cast iron, construction scrap, heavy machinery, trains, and wrought iron. 

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We always strive to give you the right price for the right material. Examples of nonferrous materials that we accept are: aluminum, alloys, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, and stainless steel. View the full list of nonferrous items HERE.

Surplus Pipe

Whether your recyclable material is a by-product of your process or excess raw material, we'll work hand in hand to create a custom disposal plan for you and your materials. Premier Metal Buyers provides excellent service and a wide variety of solutions for every project, whether temporary or long-term service.

  • How are scrap metal prices determined?
    We believe in providing the vest value for our customers, which is why we always offer top dollar when we buy scrap metal. We set our prices by the current market value of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Both of these prices depend of several factors, so be sure to call one of our expert customer service representatives when you decide to bring your scrap metal into Premier Metal Buyers. Call us today at 979-830-9060.
  • Does selling scrap metal help the environment?
    Expanding landfills are a problem all over the world, and keeping your scrap metal from adding to them can be a huge help in combating their environmental impact. Recycling scrap metal can also reduce the amount of materials mined from the Earth, reducing negative effects this process has on the environment.
  • How will my scrap metal be used?
    Recycled metal is used in a wide variety of ways. Scrap iron and aluminum metals are being used extensively in the construction industry in projects such as roads and bridges, and recycled steel metal scraps can be made into higher quality tools. Scrap metal is also used to make metal furniture and many artists repurpose it to make sculptures.

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