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Premier Metal Buyers is your trusted partner for top-notch service and the highest level of financial return. 

Metal Recycling

Premier handles virtually all types and grades of alloys. From copper to stainless steel, aluminum, or Inconel, we offer competitive recovery rates.  With a full suite of containers available, we have the solution needed to get the job done right.  

Metal Consulting

We work with you to reduce costs, boost margins, and support your operational goals. We will help you define your unique waste management challenges, identify the variety of metals involved and develop a creative program that meets your company’s specific needs

Scrap Management

You can depend on us as a knowledgeable metal recycling partner.  For all of our customers, we employ a support line, a customer portal for account transparency, and a dedicated point of contact from our experts. 

& Logistics

Using our advanced technology, we can easily track container location, monitor and manage pick-ups and drop-offs, while delivering all the data needed for accurate, on-time billing, reporting and manifesting. 


At Premier Metal Buyers, we support demolition projects that require metal structure demolition and scrap metal removal. 

  • Large selection of containers for your project needs.

  • One point of contact, portal access and transparent reporting. 

  • Reliable transportation and logistics for an efficient turnaround on all collections. 

  • Advanced heaving lifting and processing equipment for projects. 

  • Experience in handling some hazardous metal materials.

  • Top prices and quick, easy payments. 

  • Top-rated health, safety, environment, and compliance standards. 


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