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Your One-Stop Shop For Metal Recycling

Premier Metal Buyers is your trusted one-stop shop for metal recycling arising from waste streams, manufacturing processes, site clearance, and demolition projects. 


Does your demolition project require a metal structure demo and removal? Premier Metal Buyers is equipped to support the logistical needs of your next project, along with all your scrap metal removal and recycling. 

Scrap Dealers

Wherever you are in Texas, consider selling your scrap metals to Premier Metal Buyers. With one of the largest fleets, we ensure dependable service with a dedicated contact to schedule your service.

Industrial Accounts

Our corporate metal buyers can make a one-time scrap buy or tailor an ongoing recycling program to fit your unique recycling needs. We work with you to reduce costs, boost margins and support your operational goals. We will help you define your unique waste management challenges, identify the variety of metals involved and develop a creative program that meets our company's specific needs.                                                                                                              

General Public

Whether you want to clean out your garage or have been turning scrap into cash for years, Premier Metal Buyers will make you feel like family in our recycling facility. So round up all scrap metal and come see us! We recycle it all and pay you fair market prices!

Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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