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3 Top Qualities Manufacturers Need in a Scrap Metal Vendor

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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Manufacturing companies are challenged in so many ways; staffing, quality assurance, uptime on equipment, fluctuations in material pricing, new technology, market conditions and inventory levels. Wait! Did I forget to mention 90-day payment terms from their customers? The last items typically on the list are indirect procurement costs and identifying potential savings. We are talking about everything from employee uniforms to water bottles to supplies in the break room like coffee creamers. How can save or offset costs or find revenue opportunities through your recycling program? One answer is scrap metal.

Quality #1 – Trust

A trusted recycling vendor who can help you through the whole process boosts the bottom line, along with removing obsolete inventory for the books. From high resolution cameras taking pictures of every inbound load, state certified scales for public trade and GPS-tracked trucks, Premier Metal Buyers has invested in the right equipment so our customers have peace of mind and security.

Quality #2 – Full Line

PMB scrap metal truck

of Equipment and Services

Premier Metal Buyers provides an expansive fleet of modern equipment, roll off boxes, and professional sales staff that can help you boost your return on scrap metal and obsolete inventory. We can customize the solution to fit your specific needs around equipment and containers while maintaining adherence to regulations.

Quality #3 – Cradle-to-Grave Processor

Unlike many brokering companies operating trucks and roll off box services, Premier Metal Buyers is a cradle-to-grave and mill-direct scrap metal processor. Why is cradle-to-grave important? We recycle thousands of tons of scrap metal every month at our facility, ferrous and non-ferrous metals combined, reducing landfill space and continuing the life cycle of metals from cradle-to-grave and back again. Why not take a tour of our facility and see first-hand how materials are received and processed?

We will show you the difference. Schedule a site visit today.


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