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Get to Know the PMB Team! Meet Regional Account Manager Delbert Boeker

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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All throughout the Brannon Industrial Group, we believe that our personal touch sets us apart from our competitors and builds a special level of customer loyalty. Specifically, here at Premier Metal Buyers, we want to maintain a trustworthy relationship with our experts and clients. In today's competitive market, a personal touch can be a valuable differentiator to make customers feel comfortable with their business partner preferences. With that in mind, we're pulling back the curtain for you to get to know the team here at PMB. Who they are, what they do, and their take on what the BIG deal is!

Last month, we introduced Justin Colley (read his story HERE). Now, we want to spotlight Delbert Boeker- Regional Account Manager for almost 12 years!

Known to most as “DB”... Delbert is a Brenhamite, through and through. His love and support for our local community is rooted in his upbringing here. Delbert retired from the local Germania Insurance branch after over three decades of care and service to his community. Now in his career at Brannon Industrial Group, he loves that he can continually cultivate that same hometown service.

Delbert is a proud husband, father, and grandfather. He loves spending time with his wife Terry and his two kids, Taylor and Drew. Although, his granddaughter Tenley is quickly winning over most of his free time! Delbert is a loyal advocate and supporter of Brenham athletics. In fact, you’ll find him at almost every Brenham baseball game.

Delbert was involved in the beginning of Premier Metal Buyers. Not only has he loved watching the company grow and expand but he’s also enjoyed seeing the local impact that BIG has had on his hometown. The expanded workforce, the economic development, and all of the philanthropic efforts that BIG has made, set this business apart according to Delbert!

When asked what “the BIG deal is?” Delbert was quick to explain that Premier Metal Buyers operates with such high integrity and character. He loves their commitment to transparency, honesty, and promise keeping. We couldn’t agree more!

Our favorite question: what is DB’s favorite Blue Bell ice cream flavor? Strawberry Cheesecake, of course!

Thanks for all you do for this community and for BIG, Delbert!



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