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PMB’s Brandon Roznovsky Headlines National Scrap Convention in Nashville

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

PMB's Brandon Roznovsky Headlines National Scrap Convention in Nashville blog

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, commonly known as ISRI, is a trade association representing companies involved in scrap material recycling. ISRI provides its members with resources, education, and advocacy to help promote the environmentally responsible and economically sustainable recycling of these materials. Additionally, the organization promotes the scrap recycling industry to the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders and helps develop and implement best practices in the industry.

Every spring, they hold a conference to gather their members, potential members, sponsors, and brand partners to discuss the year in review and ideas for the future of sustainable scrap recycling. This year, over 6,000 people attended the annual event.

As scrap metal recyclers, we’re always proud to attend and even participate in these conferences. The conference took place in Nashville, Tennessee, this April. We were thrilled and humbled to have our Chief Financial Officer, Brandon Roznovsky, speak on a panel with three other industry leaders to discuss the incredulous topic of equipment financing in our current evolving economic landscape.

Alongside Brandon were Sandy Books of SA Recycling LLC, Becky Proler of Southern Core Recycling, and Paula Summers of VFG Leasing & Finance.

The group discussed the ebbs and flows of growth that each of their companies had been on. Because Brandon has been with Premier Metal Buyers/ Brannon Industrial Group for a while, he was able to speak to our journey of growth firsthand.

“We’ve been blessed in our area to have some strong community banks who probably believed in us more so than they actually believed in the asset or the collateral being pledged,” he said. “That was really something that helped jumpstart us.”

Brandon also stressed the importance of new relationships and partnerships for your business when encountering growth and expansion beyond your local financing partners. Roznovsky said, “When branching out and building new relationships, finding partners who understand the industry and the volatility that comes with it makes those transactions easier and more efficient.”

Read all of Brandon and his co-panelests’ comments HERE.

We were so proud to have Brandon represent our company and community in Nashville at the Spring 2023 ISRI conference. The vendor partnerships we’ve had the pleasure of forming here at PMB have played such a vital role in our success, and we were thrilled to acknowledge that. Great job, Brandon!



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