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Get to Know the PMB Team! Meet Vice President of Sales Kyle Mangan

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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Getting to know the team of Brannon Industrial Group and Premier Metal Buyers is crucial for building successful and long-lasting business relationships. Our salesmen are the face of our company and play a critical role in representing us to potential and existing customers. Building strong relationships with our sales team can help create a culture of collaboration and teamwork within your organization, and ours… leading to improved communication and more effective problem-solving.

If you’ve visited the PMB site before, then you’ve probably read about at least one of our awesome salesmen. If not, you can read about Justin HERE, Delbert HERE, and Tim HERE. We’re quite proud of the group that we’ve built here at BIG, more specifically here at Premier Metal Buyers, too. With that in mind…

Meet Kyle,

The Vice President of Sales of Brannon Industrial Group, Kyle mainly focuses on Brazos Valley Recycling and Premier Metal Buyers. He joined the PMB team in 2020, after an extensive career in Oil & Gas Service Sales.

Before joining the working world, Kyle was a football and baseball star here in Brenham, and earned a scholarship to play football at Texas A&M in 2008. While he was there, he majored in Business Administration and then eventually fell in love with his (now) wife, Morgan- also an Aggie grad! Kyle and Morgan continued to live in College Station after college, where they still reside today, with their two kids. If Kyle and his family aren’t at the baseball fields, you can probably find him hunting or fishing with his brothers.

Kyle is an accomplished and wise salesman with a passion for building lasting relationships with clients. When asked why he chose BIG, he explained that the culture here is truly unmatched. Starting at the very top, and working all the way down. Whether that be in metal sales, waste and recycling, and even within the team management and administration- there’s a very obvious focus on integrity and honesty.

Regarding the clients and prospects, Kyle illustrated that Brannon Industrial Group really cultivates a hand-on approach. He’s especially proud of the customization and consultations that BIG offers clients who might need to engage in more than one of our services. Every client and project is different, and should be treated as so. He believes that each transaction should be bespoke.

There are several inflection points in which metal sales can get complicated. Kyle described all of the specific lengths that Premier Metal Buyers goes through in order to complete accurate, fair, and transparent deals with their buyers and sellers- which is another one of Kyle’s favorite features about the company!

Our favorite question of the interview… Kyle’s favorite Bluebell ice cream flavor:

Mint Chocolate Chip, of course!

By understanding our sales team's personalities and interests, we know that you can feel more connected to PMB and BIG as a whole- giving you more confidence in the dealings that you engage in. These salesmen have a huge role within our local communities, as well our professional networks. We hope that by shedding light on the faces of PMB and BIG, we develop more BIG friendships. We’re so proud of all of our employees here at PMB, we’re grateful for the hard work that they give us everyday.

Thank you for all that you do, Kyle!



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