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Get to Know the PMB Team! Meet Regional Sales Manager, Aaron Jones

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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The foundation of our business at Brannon Industrial Group rests upon the dedicated efforts of our extensive team of waste management professionals spanning Central Texas. With a workforce of nearly 200 experts, we prioritize the values of compassion and respect, not only toward one another but also toward our customers and the communities we serve. Developing a profound understanding of the sales representatives at Brannon Industrial Group and Premier Metal Buyers is essential for forging prosperous and enduring business connections. Our sales team embodies our organization and assumes a pivotal position in portraying our values and offerings to prospective and current clients.

We’re thrilled to continue to spotlight our PMB Sales Team. If you’ve missed our previous articles, click the names below to catch up and get to know the team.

Meet Regional Sales Manager Aaron Jones.

Born and raised in Pasadena, Texas, Aaron Jones is a competitor through and through. After high school, he accepted a scholarship to play football at the University of North Texas in Denton. He eventually graduated with a successful athletic career and a degree in History under his belt. Aaron leveraged his impressive sports background into a career. He managed luxury seating, corporate hospitality, and concessions for the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets, Texas A&M, and more.

Eventually, Aaron wanted to slow down and start a family. Over time, he became the father of three biological sons and three stepsons. Ranging in age from junior high to college, Aaron is a passionate dad and loves to spend time with his squad of boys. On weekends, you can find Aaron, and his lovely wife AJ, at the football field or golf course or fishing and camping at Galveston Bay.

While mainly focusing on corporate metal accounts for PMB, Aaron has loved the tight-knit community of Brenham and Brannon Industrial Group specifically. When asked why he made the leap to move his family to a new town and pursue a job with PMB, Aaron simply answered, “The values… they’re the same as my own!” He went on to say that he is still so impressed with the honesty and transparency of BIG and PMB. As soon as he joined the company, he was aware of the high integrity that everyone cultivated.

We asked Aaron about the team culture within BIG and how it stands out from others. He explained that the PMB and BVR teams treat each other like a family. He said that the main game changer is the BIG culture. There’s a solid connection between the sales team and the operations team. This makes the buying and selling process run much smoother for clients than that of competitors. He can create and maintain impressive deals because he knows the operations team always delivers superior results.

Of course, we couldn’t let Aaron go without prying for his favorite Blue Bell ice cream flavor

His immediate answer… “Coffee!!”

Thanks for making Premier Metal Buyers and Brannon Industrial Group great, Aaron!



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