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Get to Know the PMB Team! Meet the Business Development Representative, Steve Prewitt

Updated: Jun 29

At Brannon Industrial Group, our business thrives on the committed endeavors of our large team of waste management specialists across Central Texas. With an impressive workforce of nearly 200 professionals, we place the utmost importance on compassion and respect, fostering these values within our team and toward our customers and communities. Connecting with the sales representatives at Brannon Industrial Group and Premier Metal Buyers is crucial to establish solid and long-lasting business relationships. Our sales and leadership teams embody our organization and are vital in effectively presenting our values and offerings to potential and existing clients.

To spotlight some of the faces of BIG and PMB, we’re thrilled to continue introducing our PMB Team. If you’ve missed our previous articles, click the names below to catch up.

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Meet the new Representative of BIG Business Development, Steve Prewitt.

Steve has had an extensive career in sales and business development. He’s landed at several family-run businesses throughout his career. It rings true for his recent move to Brannon Industrial Group. Steve is one of the newest hires for BIG, which he describes as a “Godsend.” He was drawn to our group because of the respected reputation and family-oriented business structure.

Even though his jobs and titles have centered around sales, Steve describes himself as in the “relationship business.” He will always remain focused on the connection to people that he’s encountered over the years. His motto is, “Business is just a byproduct of the relationships.” He was thrilled to join a company with a congruent philosophy.

Steve’s relational nature is evident in all aspects of his life. He’s been married for nearly 36 years to his beloved wife, Dee, whom he met and fell in love with when he was just a teenager. Together they have three daughters and two granddaughters. Family is so important to Steve, as evident by their close relationships and adventures in traveling and deer hunting.

An extension of Steve’s family is the Fellowship of Believers Church in Shiro, where he serves as the congregation’s pastor. He began his ministerial journey as a youth pastor in Field Store and eventually helped form this church back in 2010 in Grimes County. Steve’s faith means everything to him and is the foundation for all he does in his work and personal life, yet another alignment of core values that solidified his place at Brannon Industrial Group.

When we asked Steve to put himself in the shoes of a consumer considering doing business with BIG and Premier Metal Buyers, he said, “It’s the integrity that would seal the deal. Everything is done beyond reproach”. He’s so looking forward to building BIG new relationships!

Of course, we couldn’t let Steve go without asking for his favorite Blue Bell ice cream flavor

After much deliberation, he ranked Cookie Two-Step as his first-place winner and Mint Chocolate Chip as a close runner-up.

We’re excited to have you at BIG and PMB, Steve!!

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